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3 Principles that define Flexitallic.

The Flexitallic approach to safety is more than a program it’s a way of doing business that started in 1912.
We believe our commitment to innovate, customize and educate adds another level of protection to our
customers’ operations.

Flexitallic US, LLC is owned by The Flexitallic Group.  For more information visit: www.theflexitallicgroup.com


Flexitallic has released a statement on "Modern Slavery": The Flexitallic Group - Statement on Modern Slavery


Visit our Flexitallic SAFE page: FLEXITALLIC safe


Over the last century, our aggressive R&D efforts have delivered breakthroughs ranging from the Spiral Wound gasket in 1912 to the ever-evolving applications for Thermiculite®—and, most recently, the revolutionary Change gasket. Developing materials that push the parameters of heat, pressure and chemical resistance allow you to imagine new and better processes—to innovate. In a competitive global economy, there’s nothing safer than that.


Sealing solutions that have been customized to your specific application are more likely to be effective. Over 80% of Flexitallic sales worldwide result from our engineers working with yours to develop a new solution or improve an existing one. This combination of superb design, advanced materials, and our high manufacturing standards make for a safer seal.


So many flange failures are the result of improper installation. And in industries where extreme heat, pressure and toxic chemicals are in use, that can lead to disaster. That’s why we created our Bolt Training Seminars that go onsite at plants around the world to give hands-on instruction in this critical procedure.  We educate both new and experienced technicians and are strong proponents of industry standards.

  • Quick Gasket Search
    Quick Gasket Search

    Search by pressure, temperature, media and/or flange design.

  • Training Seminar
    Training Seminar

    Schedule your flange assembly and bolting training seminar

  • Another First from Flexitallic
    Another First from Flexitallic

    Flexitallic Upgrades Standard Graphite

  • Live Chat With Engineer
    Live Chat With Engineer

    Speak live with a Flexitallic engineer for your product or application.

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    Find Allied Distributor

    Search our authorized network of Flexitallic Allied Distributors.

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